Our small kennel is located in South-Styria/Austria. Our dogs are mainly family members, that's why we have only sometimes a litter.

Lovely Workaholic's Ideal Indira

DOB: 06/23/2008

breeder: Gabi Glaser (Austria)
ÖKV/FCI - registered


* HD-free (A2)
* ED-free (0/0)
* OCD-free

* thyroid tested normal

* CLEAR of the hereditary cataract mutation (HSF4)
* MDR-1 +/+ (free)

* CEA: N/N (free)

* prcd-PRA:  N/N (free)

* eyes checked yearly (cataract, CEA, PRA, RD) free
* full dentition, scissor bite

sex: female (neutered)
colour: black tri w/co, red-factored
eyes: brown


hight: 50 cm

weight: 19 kg


COI: 8,4 % (10 generations)


with "ASA-Gütesiegel"



Indira loves to work. Since Mai 2010 we are a tested search and rescue team (area search). She is also a very good family-dog and loves our children and their friends. I am a teacher for children with special needs, so we did also a training to become a therapy-dog-team. Indira likes to work with the children and the kids like her very much. Indira is a very active dog, but it's no problem for her to relax at home.



* Wiener Hundeführschein  



* ÖKV-Begleithundeprüfung BGH 1

* ÖKV-Begleithundeprüfung BGH 2 

* ÖKV-Begleithundeprüfung BGH 3



* Special Animals Berufsbegleithundepr. - Level 1

* Special Animals Besuchshundeprüfung - Level 2

* Special Animals Therapiehundeprüfung - Level 3



* Suitability Test (RH-E)

* Area Search Test level  A (RH-FL A)

* Area Search Test level B (RH-FL B) 

* Avalanche Test level A (RH-L A)

* Rubble Search Test level A (RH-T A)

Since Mai 2010, we are a tested rescue-dog-team



ASA-Clubshow Vienna 04/2010, V2, Res. CACA

IHA-Klagenfurt 06/2010, V3



DAM of our "A Swiss" Litter from 12. 6. 2011  

Six males: four blue merle w/c and two red tri out of Rising Sun Jago and

our Lovely Workaholic's Ideal Indira.